Voyagers! — 2013-07-18 — Jam 01 — Part 01 Of 02 — Kamoski, Silva, Porter, Williams, McNamara by mkamoski on SoundCloud – Hear the world’s sounds

Voyagers! — 2013-07-18 — Jam 01 — Part 01 Of 02 — Mark Kamoski on keyboards, Mark Silva on bass, Greg Porter on drums, Russ Williams on lead guitar and vocals, Eddie McNamara on rhythm guitar and Abelton. I send a big THANK YOU to Mark and Greg and Russ and Eddie, some of the hands-down most stellar people and players around. This is an excerpt from a recent jam session. This is live music. This was recorded with a single microphone, with no post-production editing. The full-length version can be found at the following link…

Voyagers – Onward And Upward – 2013-Jun-08

Voyagers – Onward And Upward – 2013-Jun-08

This is a band that I am in right now, and this is the first tune of our first show.

It was a lot of fun,

I send a big THANK YOU to Russ W., Eddie M., Mark S., Jim M., Greg P., and all the great folks who showed up and supported us along the way.

Hiromi – XYG

Hiromi – XYG

Note– This track name seems to be misreported in the given posting as “XYZ” when it should probably be “XYG” according to as shown here so I am updating my text to reflect that.