Julia Hulsmann Trio


Julia Hulsmann Trio

She (and her trio) play some real nice music, IMHO.


The album “The End Of A Summer” is 100% good.

Just sending out a tip.

This link is just one of many from the internet.

Please check out this music if you can.





Hiromi – XYG

Hiromi – XYG

Note– This track name seems to be misreported in the given http://www.YouTube.com posting as “XYZ” when it should probably be “XYG” according to http://www.Wikipedia.org as shown here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beyond_Standard so I am updating my text to reflect that.

Fp1 — Duct Tape — 2013-03-22

This is an excerpt of our new original song from our group, Fp1, called “Duct Tape”.

This is live-to-disk, with no editing or mixing.

I owe a great debt of gratitude to the great musicians who joined me that night– Tricia L. on bass, Mike G. on drums, and Mike R. on guitar– and it they who made it sound so good.