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I found the following post interesting and (pretty) close to the truth.

(It seems to me that I am probably a hybrid Developer/Engineer.)

I have posted a teaser blurb and the link to the full article below.



Developers vs. Engineers vs. Scientists

SEP 23RD, 2012

I’ve been programming professionally for about 3 years at this point, and I’ve noticed some interesting patterns in other programmers I’ve worked with. One of the key differentiators among programmers is motivation. I’m not referring to an individual’s passion to simply be successful in their career, but rather the type of work they want to pursue. The thing they want to do with computers every day, the types of problems they are interested in solving.

The programmers I have observed generally fall into one of three categories: Developers, engineers, and computer scientists (or just “scientists”). These are not silos. They are ranges on a spectrum, and programmers may find themselves oscillating all over this spectrum throughout the course of a day. However, individuals are usually more comfortable in one of these ranges than the others.



Developers vs. Engineers vs. Scientists – Jeremy Kahn’s Dev Blog.