Dalek Christmas Tree

Dalek Christmas Tree

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The Dreaded Couldn’t Be Download Web Part Export Issue In SharePoint

Dear SharePoint Developers and Designers —

FYI, this is just some good information regarding SharePoint, DWP Web Parts, exporting, reusable Web Parts. and etc.

It turns out that one may get a Run-Time-Error (RTE) saying the Web Part “couldn’t be downloaded” when trying to export a Web Part.

Well, it turns out that it is due to a setting in IE.

Specifically, the setting to turn off (uncheck) is…

Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, Security, Do Not Save Encrypted Pages To Disk = Not Checked

…so if that is not checked then a Web Part can be exported.

I offer my thanks to the following link, which seems largely unrelated but it did point me in the right direction…


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I hope this saves someone some time somewhere.


— Mark