How To Post A Presentation To WordPress With Screenr

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These are steps on how to use (or Microsoft PowerPoint) and and to create a presentation with audio and post it to a site…

  1. Hook up the Speaker-Output jack to the Microphone-Input jack.
  2. Create presentation in OpenOffice or PowerPoint.
  3. Open the presentation locally.
  4. Start Screenr and set it to capture full screen but do not press the red record button (in the floating Screenr toolbar) yet.
  5. Start the presentation then quickly press the red record button in the floating Screenr toolbar and let the presentation run to the end.
  6. Stop Screenr.
  7. Post Screenr to YouTube and also download the MP4 file just in case.
  8. Go to the video on YouTube and grab the link in the URL
  9. Go to WordPress, create a new post, look for “add video” icon, choose “from URL”, paste link from YouTube, click “insert in post”.
  10. Save post.
  11. Publish post.
  12. Done.

(Note that you must have a Twitter account which is used by Screenr, to allow you to use Screenr.)